One of the missions of the Fresno Bonsai Society is to provide education about bonsai to our community. This includes both appreciation of the art form and the skills needed to create bonsai.

We do this through the Bonsai Basics Class.

Participants in the Bonsai Basics Class must be members of the Fresno Bonsai Society.

The Bonsai Basics Class are led by veteran bonsai artists. The goal of this class is to introduce sound horticultural practices as well as creative skills. Students will work on developing their own bonsai projects while they learn the seasonal tasks of bonsai. There may be minimal fees from time to time to cover the cost of plant material. The classes are designed to give the newcomer the skills to collect and maintain a collection of bonsai.

The curriculum of the class will be that of the Golden State Bonsai Federation and Bonsai Clubs International.

The topics will include:
Bonsai History: The facts of life in the bonsai world

Keys to Success for Learning Bonsai Plant Health: It's all about Energy, Basic structure of trees and how trees function

Basic Concepts:
Soils: Why does particle size matter?
Screening techniques, and how to make a basic soil mix
Reading your plants, timing of activities, pruning, and
Tree diseases and pests.

Wiring Basics: Wiring rules

Styling: The basics of bonsai styles and Artistic Principles

Fertilization 101: Basic Reasons for good nutrition, including beneficial soil additive.

Pruning Guidelines: Including wound management and improving branch ramification

Here are some images of the November “Bonsai Basics Class”. “ These images offer a glimpse of a typical beginning bonsai class, offered by the Fresno Bonsai Society. Members learn from experienced bonsai instructors. They learn both basic horticulture and the artistic styling techniques essential to create bonsai. Beginner and intermediate classes meet on the third Saturday of each month and are free to FBS members.”


If you are interest in participating in the Bonsai Basics Class, please contact us through this website in the OUR CLUB menu.